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Allah has best with me to attain scientific and practical achievement on the hands of the most skillful and most physician, consultants and professors in the world till I managed to work in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. My experiences where refurbished by serious work, discoveries, researches and participation in the on going education to my beginner doctor colleagues in the speciality of urology and renal surgery. I was awarded the Ph.D degree in urology medicine & surgery and nephrology from Dusseldorf University, Germany in the year 1993.

I was awarded a scholarship from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. I joined the speciality fellowship in the sexual surgeries and treatment of impotence and implantation of prosthesis for the treatment of sexual impotence in Nijmegen University in the Netherlands in the year 1995. I also joined the Belgium fellowship in a delicate speciality i.e. microscopic surgeries and men infertility in the year 1996 in Brussels University. It is known that the speciality of andrology diseases and men infertility medicine and surgery is one of the delicate and rare specialities that requires higher education and continuous practice. The grace of Allah has been great on me that I studied and educated by high rank professors and scientists from USA, Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands. I was the first Saudi consultant physician to specialize in men infertility and microscopic surgeries, taking into account that through my long term work in this filled; I have been keen to participate in the local, Arab and international symposium and conferences. Thanks Allah, I have had the precedence in introducing and development of testicular surgeries and microscopic operation for the aspiration of the sperms from the epididymus and the treatment of ejaculation problems in addition to the penial surgeries for the impotence cases and congenital anomalies.

Throughout my long-term work for more than 15 years either in the hospital where I used to work or in the other hospital which I assisted in building –up their experiences in this field, I initiated to perform surgeries for the treatment of men infertility and impotence. Initially, I encountered several difficulties as there was a common belief during the last ten years that the underlying reason for reluctancy to seek medical treatment for sexual problem is psychogenic and the feeling of deficient manhood. Therefore, the affect men were reluctant to see the doctor for treatment become a part of the beliefs prevailing in the Saudi community is that infertility and reproduction are always attributed to the wife and the man can get married to another wife and have offspring. Therefore, I have determined my mind and haven bold enough to widen the opportunity for solution. Thanks Allah may infertility cases were successfully treated by the utilization of the most sophisticated technologies and up-to-date surgeries. In this way, I have managed to open a door which was previously locked that nobody had the courage to approach it ad have become the first Saudi consultant to be licensed from the Saudi commission for health specialities and from the ministry of health. Now, there is a league for the patients who were successfully treated amounting to more than twelve thousand patients as I have been indulged with the patients and their problems about reproduction & having offspring. The infertile person does not only require a medical prescription or the surgeon’s knife but also he needs education, awareness, supervision and support which are some of the important factors in the course of treatment. On this basis, it has mandatory and obligatory to compliment communication by modern and permanently available methods for all to provide consultations and pieces of advice in the light of my long & wide experience which is more than 15 years in the field of urology & venereology, andrology, and infertility field.